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Best Schools in the Bay Area

For families looking to buy a house, one of their biggest concerns are the nearby schools for their children. Now more than before, parents are worried about API scores as colleges tend to look at the same criteria when accepting applications.

Luckily, working as a realtor in the Bay Area, it’s an advantage since nine of the best schools in California are located right here in the Bay Area.

Lowell High School in San Francisco, Mission San Jose High School in San Jose, Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, American Indian High School in Oakland and Campolindo High School in Moraga are just a few that were picked from the counties in Bay Area.

Any real estate agent will agree that more and more realtor websites are listing school information next to each listing on the website. The main concern for home buyers used to be to just buy the best home but now it’s also to buy the best home near the best schools.

Every rose has its thorn and nothing is perfect. As income equality continues to rise advocates for equality are pushing to build more affordable housing near these schools so that children of all backgrounds are involved and have access to the best education possible.

It’s a good deal for the real estate market since the homes on the market near these schools sell fast and are top priority for home buyers.

Its hard to determine whether good schools affect home prices or the other way around but it is entirely safe to say families are willing to pay a little more if it means they will be living in a good school district.

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