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7 Reasons NOW is a Great Time to Invest In Real Estate

An example of increase in home buyers in 2016.

As hard as it may be to believe, but there is not a better time for buying a house than today, in 2016. You should be placing your money where it will multiply and what better way than to purchase a home to do so.

These moments in history come once every few decades or so. So make sure that if you are looking into buying a home, do it now and don't wait.

Below are several reasons why now is the best time:

1. Interest rates are incredibly low.

When interest rates are low, it leads to lower monthly payments. What does this

mean for real estate investors? Due to changing market stats, such as the most

current "Brexit" issue, interest rates have drastically dropped.

2. Banks are starting to lend again.

Remember in 2008 when banks took stricter rules when it came to lending due to

the recession. Most people found it difficult to buy a house since banks were not

easily lending. It is all about having a good credit and a decent paying job.

3. Prices are the perfect range.

When you look on Zillow or any other real estate website, you'll find it impossible to

believe that prices are actually not too high. But for those who want to look and find

a good deal, its possible. So the key is to find a realtor who is as passionate about

getting you a home as you are about finding your own home.

4. Technology has made the process easier.

Back in the day, it took a lot of driving around, meetings, appointments, reading

pages of documents to close on a home. Fortunately, now, there are phones

connected to e-mails which you can send documents to clients and other realtors.

You want a report of new listings? Your agent is able to set you up on a website so

that you can automatically receive new listings that match your criteria. Basically, it

can't be easier to go through the process than it is now in the 21st century.

5. Find the knowledge.

The internet is good for many things, as mentioned above. It is also good for

educating yourself or others on the secrets of buying a home, on the entire process,

and many other questions home buyers may have. This is all due to the fact that

there are many blogs, personal and professional to help you through the way.

6. Your job won't always be there.

Yes, you may have a great paying job and a reliable contract. But that does not mean

that it isn't highly possible that you may lose that job suddenly. So don't wait on it. If

you know you qualify, go in and talk to lenders and realtors to get you started.

7. You will wish you had started sooner.

There is a lot that goes into investing and TIME is a major factor. You need to start

now so that you have a safety net in a couple of years. We are not saying that

everyone needs to go out and buy a house in order to be rich. But we are saying that

for those who are able to afford a home should look more deeply into purchasing

one in order to create a brighter future for themselves.

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