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Americans' Top Housing Concerns

When it comes to buying a home, every one will be a little nervous even if its more exciting.

Its a big decision and big investment which makes it even more important that you make sure its the right house you're choosing, the right price you're settling for and the right realtor you are working with.

But it isn't any of these that worry most Americans nowadays when it comes to purchasing a home. You would think its whether the price is too high or too low. Below, we've included the details most American home buyers are worried about.

A survey completed by the ValueInsured Modern Homebuyer showed that about 72% of Americans are still worried about the housing crisis that happened in 2007 and 2008. They included that the housing crisis changed their decision when it comes to purchasing a home. While many people were to quick to jump into a contract before, more and more people now are aware of all the risks and take into consideration the positives and negatives of paying a mortgage every month.

Not many Americans are confident in the market either meaning that they are afraid it would happen again if not any time soon. This number is raised up to 68% of Americans are not confident that the housing market will be stable for them to finish off a mortgage.

Here are some other risks mentioned in the survey's results:

  • 55% of Americans are worried about job security as well as mobility. How long are they able to keep their job? And if so, how secure is their job that they are able to keep it in case they need to relocate?

  • 63% of Americans are worried about the national security in this country.

  • 59% of Americans are worried about the overall economy in this country as well as teh global economy.

Even though many people are buying homes, there is still a bunch of Americans in this country that have their doubts. But that isn't to say that they don't find answers to their doubts. Once they start the house hunt and start working with a realtor, they find that there are many things they didn't previously know about purchasing a home.


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