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Bay Area Buyers Moving to Distant Suburbs

The median home price in San Francisco and its surrounding areas such as the Silicon Valley is nearing a million dollars. What does this mean for current and future home buyers?

Many are looking to some distant Bay Area cities to commute from in order to be able to afford a home, have savings and be able to work in the same company or business in which they are a employee.

Some live as far away as Sacramento which is about eighty miles away from the heart of the Bay Area.

As a result of this new move, the East Bay which ranges from 10-60 miles east of San Francisco and the Silicon Valley takes the place of the fastest growing home development area in the state.

New residential developments in the San Jose area have dropped over 59% in the past several years. Usually builders focus on core regions which in Bay Area would be San Jose and San Francisco but they see a need to have new developments in less expensive areas so that people who aren't able to afford million dollar homes can still become home owners.

But why is the Bay Area experiencing these high prices and new housing developments? Well, in the past few years, it is this region that has experienced more job growth with the growing tech companies in the region.

Recently, builders have gone as far East as Manteca, Stockton, and Tracy where some of the homes can start at $350,000. And they continue to work every day to make sure that they target the areas which will benefit the builders as well as the families.


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