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5 Tips to Give Your Home a Luxurious Feel

Are you that person out of your friends and family that is on Pinterest looking for nice decor tips? Do you know exactly what you want when you walk into Pier 1 or IKEA? Well, this short article can help you pinpoint what will make your home look even more nice.

And, how to do so on a budget.


There is nothing better and easier than to keep it neat and organized. It gives your a space a bigger look and feel. It brings out the true highlights of your furniture pieces and curtains (if you have any). A good way to decide what you really want and don't want is writing down what your true style is and going through each room in your home and writing down what doesn't belong under the criteria of your personal style. It is a great way to clean things up and get rid of some possible things that you may not even need.


Just like anything else, details are key. For instance, is crown molding. It will give any room an updated and modern appearance. It will also make everything look newer. Try updating the outdated door knobs or handle bars on kitchen drawers. These may be things that may not matter to you now but once they are updated, you can feel AND see the amazing difference of the outcome. And, these are all things you can update by visiting affordable hardware stores or even the flea market. Try changing the lamp shades in your living room or light shades over the dining table to add a modern touch yet affordable by visiting stores such as IKEA.


Paint color is such a hard decision to make when it comes to painting any part of your house. You don't want to choose a color that you will hate when its done but you also don't want to pick a color that has been done over and over again. Like white. It is so common and outdated, more and more owners are looking to give their homes a newer look by choosing a paint color of their choice.

Although, it is recommended to choose a neutral color.


The new style is sticking to natural light so choosing bigger windows and light colored curtains are the key to giving your home a luxurious look and feel. If curtains are not your favorite, try other types of blinds such as wood blinds. Some even hang curtains all the way up to the ceiling to give the room a illusion of being bigger than it actually is.


Hardwood flooring is the new "it" look. To give your home a modern and new look, hardwood floors are the way to go. Although it can be a little pricey, it is not impossible to find a affordable price.

And not to mention that when you add hardwood floors, the homes value increases a little.

Some other tips provided is to never take the process of redecorating your home as splurge session. It will be smart on your mind and your bank account to plan all these activities ahead of time. Focus on one area one at a time rather than doing all areas at once. And always remember to have fun while you're at it!


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