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How to Live Big in a Small Apartment

Living in a small space is a tricky deal. It all depends on what you leave out and what you put away. While you're waiting to be moving in that bigger place or want to save some space in your cozy little apartment, making sure that you are making the right decisions when designing your space.

1. Everything must be as storage.

Think of many ways around your apartment or condo that you can turn into storage space such as under the bed, bookshelves, slide in some baskets into closets to add more space. You can even purchase a coffee table with drawers to put some of your items in the table.

2. Get rid of things you don't need.

Make a list of every little item that you may not need and that in itself will make a lot of space. Most people carry around items from place to place thinking they will need it and in turn do not use it for years. That way you are just wasting space. Throw away or donate things you may not need to make more space around the house.

3. Buy items to be of use in a small area.

Buying sleek and modern pieces of furniture will make a big difference in your small apartment instead of going for the huge armchairs.

4. Multi-purpose furniture and items.

You can go for the closet desks that have shelves or chairs that have cabinets dropping out of them. This way you can use the space it provides and also add a trendy piece to your place.

5. Install sliding doors.

These doors will slide into the wall instead of opening up into the area. You can definitely make the hallway or room look much bigger.

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