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Tips for the Winter in California

Although we don't get snow all around California during the winter, there are some places where you might love to take a trip with your family that snow. In this list, we have compiled driving safety tips, best temperature to set your thermostat at and other fun advice concerning pets in the house during the winter months.

Driving to Snow Country

Everyone loves a little snow during Christmas but its important to ensure safety before driving up there.

Some of the checks you can mark off :

1. Ensure that your brakes, heating system, defroster, and exhaust system are in

great condition.

2. Prepare for the colder temperature by checking the antifreeze.

3. Carry chains that match the size of your tires as well as chain repair links.

4. Take extra clothing, warm blankets, food and water.

5. Have an extra set of car keys in your pocket.

6. Give yourself and family enough time to drive up there. Sometimes it takes longer

than expected.

7. Don't leave without having an tank full of gas.

8. Windows and windshields need to be clear in order to ensure visibility.

9. If problems occur, stay near your vehicle until help arrives.

10. When highway signs suggest putting on chains, follow directions ASAP.

Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

Its so tempting to raise the temperature for the heat. Nothing like staying warm and toasty in front of the Christmas tree. But it is very beneficial for the environment as well as your bills to save on the energy you spend.

Here are some tips to help you stay safe and help you save:

1. Make sure that all of the natural gas appliances such as the oven or stove are

installed properly. (You can do this by scheduling a free session where a PG&E

expert checks all of the appliances for you.)

2. If lighting a fire in the fireplace, check that the flue is already open so that the

smoke is let our safely.

3. Set your thermostat at 68 degrees while you're at home.

4. Cut shower time in half.

5. Seal air leaks to stop wasting energy.

6. Replace old windows with new windows to reduce heating and cooling costs.

7. Do laundry with cold water to save up to $30 a year.

If you want more safety tips, follow links below!

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