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My Company Rocks!

I love the company I work for. Not only did they host a mobile blood drive here at our office, but the KW Cares program is helping people all over the world.

Currently, they're focusing their efforts on the wildfires just down the road in our beautiful wine country. Last month they sent over $20 MILLION dollars for hurricane recovery efforts, in addition to the many regional volunteers, there were many people who traveled in to the devastation to help out.

KW Cares is mobilizing supplies for our KW family affected by the Northern California Wildfires. If you are a KW Associate in need of financial assistance for immediate needs due to recent Hurricanes or Wildfires, please call us at 866-591-2737.

Please contact 911 for emergencies, your market center leadership to check-in and KW Cares for financial assistance due to displacement.

Reach KW Cares during business hours at 512-327-3070 or On weekends or after hours, call the

Crisis Line at 866-591-2737.

How can you help? Make a donation.

(all contributions will go directly to disaster relief)

Thank you for your support, generosity and prayers.

See what they're doing and how they're making a difference by liking them on Facebook.

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